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Community tools are abundant and diverse. Ranging from SSRS Reports to WIM modification to OSD Frontends, entire Lab kits and so much more. There are just too many to keep track of. We’re going to list several that we have experience with and have found valuable. Some we’ll plan to create sub pages for and provide additional guides and demos, but many will just get a small description, hopefully enough to pique your curiosity and get you to continue to look into them if you too think you can find value with them.

Everyone has a unique environment with different business requirements, so while it may be the perfect fit for some, it could be the wrong fit for others. That’s why you’ll often see variants of several similar ideas that are just different enough to best accommodate each special situation.

If you feel we have missed any tools, feel free to reach out to us (@recastsoftware) and we’ll do our best to keep this updated.

We here are Recast Software are proud supporters of the ConfigMgr Community, sponsoring user groups and great events like MMS. We also make a subset of our endpoint management software Right Click Tools available free to the community.

ConfigMgr Community Tools Webinars hosted by Community Contributors

  • March 23 YouTube Playback: Update and Modify WIM Files for Windows Deployment Scenarios, by Donna Ryan
  • March 24 YouTube Playback: Onevinn Tools, by Johan Schrewelius & Jorgen Nilsson
  • March 31 YouTube Playback: BIOS & Drivers Deployment by Maurice Daly & David Segura
  • April 1: Cloud Imaging using ConfigMgr, and MDT and PowerShell Deployment, by Johan Arwidmark

ConfigMgr Community Hub & GitHub

Before we go much more into this page, we wanted to call out the Community Hub. While currently in it’s infancy, we think a lot more items will be coming to the community hub. Many have started to heavily leverage github for scripts and projects, and it won’t be a huge leap to start publishing work to the community hub, making it easy for others to import. Some of the tools below will always be standalone, but eventually some might be assimilated into the community hub, making collaboration even easier.

Along with the Community Hub integrated right into the CM Console, many folks have published their work to GitHub. We’ve created a sub page called “Scripts” which contains a number of GitHub repos from active community members that are work poking around to see what you can “steal with pride”.


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  • Manufacturer Tools
    • Page with Tools, Scripts and information provided from both the vendors directly and the community to support their devices. Primary focus on Dell, Lenovo, HP & Surface devices.


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