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Customer Stories: Endpoint Insights Enables Powerful Device Warranty Management for Carr, Riggs & Ingram

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For many IT Administrators and SysAdmins, Recast Software is synonymous with Right Click Tools, our flagship product. Recast customers have more recently begun working with Endpoint Insights, our product folded into the Recast brand after the acquisition of Enhansoft in 2021. Endpoint Insights brings novel data into the MECM / SCCM environment to profoundly improve hardware and software management. Device warranty management alone justifies the use of Endpoint Insights for many organizations, even though this feature is but one of many powerful data additions. A recent conversation with Carr, Riggs & Ingram (CRI), a full-service accounting and advisory firm, demonstrates the positive impact device warranty management has made for their business.  

Device Warranty Management at Carr, Riggs & Ingram

CRI has 2,100 endpoints in their environment, spread across the country both on-premises and in employees’ homes. IT Administrator Joseph Gipson of CRI explained how they utilize Endpoint Insights warranty data. “We pull in the licensing information and warranty information (using Endpoint Insights) every fall when we refresh our computers. Before Endpoint Insights, we used naming conventions to track how old computers were. Endpoint Insights helps a lot in that we can now see the exact warranty date on all our devices. It helps us make better decisions on what computers need replacing.” Before onboarding Endpoint Insights into their environment, new laptops were named using an internal convention to help understand the age of the device. This system worked moderately well, while also proving fallible and imprecise at times. 

“Endpoint Insights helps a lot in that we can now see the exact warranty date on all our devices. It helps us make better decisions on what computers need replacing.”

Joseph Gipson, IT Administrator at Carr, Riggs & Ingram

“It’s way better (with Endpoint Insights),” Joseph continued. “Our IT department is really spread out across several states. We do a lot of virtual interaction. So, if somebody got the name or date wrong back when we used naming conventions, computers might be replaced when they had warranty left or replaced after their warranty expired.” 

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Device Warranty Management for Most OEMs

With dozens of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) supplying environments, many organizations spend significant time searching for their devices’ warranty information. Recast has unique insight into just how challenging and time consuming this research is for our customers, based upon both our conversations with hundreds of companies and our Google keyword search data. Of the search keywords that connect companies to our website, warranty status searches for HP and Dell, for instance, rise into the top handful of searches. To find warranty data natively, OEMs require individual searches by serial number, which adds up to significant amounts of time when companies have thousands or tens of thousands of endpoints to look up. Additionally, OEMs occasionally change their interface for accessing warranty data, requiring IT teams to readjust.  

Endpoint Insights takes all this scattered warranty data from hundreds of OEMS and consolidates it into a single pane. With Endpoint Insights, you can quickly see warranty data on all your computers regardless of OEM, and then utilize the built-in calculator to accurately anticipate the replacement costs for this cycle and upcoming cycles as well. What used to take dozens of hours (even hundreds for larger organizations), now takes minutes from within your MECM / SCCM dashboards with Endpoint Insights activated and integrated. 

Device Warranty Management Plus

We work with many organizations who add Endpoint Insights to their environments just for the consolidated warranty data alone. However, Endpoint Insights offers much more unique hardware and software data not natively available within MECM / SCCM. Hop on a call with one of our sales representatives to receive both a custom quote and a tour of the complete offerings of Endpoint Insights. Our customers’ stories verify that this upfront investment of your time will pay dividends in time saved over the months and years ahead. 

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